Get a job you love.

Make money. 

Be happy.  

You can. Using proven entrepreneurial tactics, learn how to job hunt with uncommonly good results and get a profitable, enjoyable career (without selling your soul.) 

Know your value. Find your place. 

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LinkedIn Boost

Jobseekers, find your ideal job on LinkedIn

Get just the right headline and brand enhancing-summary targeted to your perfect audience, your visibility will increase and employers and recruiters will engage with you. You'll immediately attract more connection requests, messages and offers.

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A Better job, Faster

Get an easy-to-follow roadmap and a proven playbook

Get a job that exceeds your expectations with Job Hunt School's self-paced, information-packed, "Do This, Not That" tutorials, combined with live sessions with Courtney. Define a  strategy that delivers. Get answers. You move forward with confidence and clarity.

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Strategy Session

For a fresh perspective on your career

Work with me one-on-one and feel more clear and confident about your next move. An objective assessment from an impartial third party (yours truly) is priceless in your career, but few people ever get it. Want some perspective and a plan? Click below and get a slot on my calendar.

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  • Learn how to find a job fast using the power of  LinkedIn. You'll know how to attract the attention of employers and recruiters and get them to contact you.
  • Create a head-turning headline and summary with help from an experienced copywriter and career strategist. 
  • Get your settings dialed for the job hunt results you want. 
  • Profile Cleaning: your profile cleared of the mistakes that repel recruiters and employers.  
  • Learn how to find, join and engage in groups 
  • And much more ...
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Job Hunt School

  • Learn how to get responses, interviews and offers. 
  • Get a job where you can do your best work and be happy.
  • Know the steps that attract decision-makers who are ready to hire someone like you. 
  • Get live coaching and strategy sessions to get answers to your questions.
  • Have a resource you can rely on for the life of your career to guide your job hunt and important career transitions. 

Original Experience

Enrollment opens once a year for this career and life elevating experience that helps you find your career path and realize your dreams. 


Go Your Own Way

With a powerful, vision-inspired career strategy and the tools to build and manage your skills and grow your influence, you'll easily carve your own career path to financial independence, professional respect and career satisfaction.


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